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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas in Australia 2011


 Christmas Day on The Darling Downs
  Maximum temperature 25 celcius
 What a delightful day
    An australian summer christmas.
               At this time of year we usually suffer terrible heat.
This year it was lovely.
Praise the LORD for a beautiful day!

A quick but yummy breakfast
scrambled eggs,
smoked salmon,
egg mayo.
Very very delightful.

     DD and I. She is expecting her first child soon and
       we have not seen each other for a few months now.

My pressie from DD and SIL an old HMV transistor radio made in the 1960's.
DSIL found it at a garage sale.
DH got it working this's a bit crackly but I think I'll use it.
Thankyou DSIL.

Series one of my favourite australian tv series
The Sullivans
EEEKKK!! Such excitement.
It's just been released.
Ran for over 10 years in the 1970's and '80's.
Did I already say I'm excited?

And this wonderful DVD  Downton Abbey from my niece...
I've watched it all, already.
What a lovely thoughtful gift.

This little photo album from my Mum

This cute little journal from my sister in law

These beautiful face washers from my DD
Michael Buble CD

DD with her pressie, made by her DH.
It's a mirror behind the door.
Re-purposed from an old queensland silky oak ice chest.

DH and I with our pressie from DD and SIL
"A Grandparent's Book....Our Story, Our Life".

My DM with some of her hand made gifts

DD with a PJ top I thought was funny given her current condition.
Her baby is due early February 2012

My dutch oak sideboard

DD and SIL before leaving for their home today.
They had
 long three hour drive ahead of them
We really missed out son being with us for the day.
He works in another state and was told only four days before Christmas that he could not have the alloted public holidays.
He only had Christmas day itself off and was fortunate enough to be invited to lunch by a work mate. His wife is american so I'm sure our son was treated to a super delightful christmas luncheon.
We just hope he can be us with next year.
For lunch we had 8 at the table. My parents, my niece and my aunty joined DH, DD and SIL and I.
It was a lovely day.
In the background the girls are playing Pictionary.
We usually have a board game or two
play some carols
bit of a
jam around
Can you tell my piano is in my sewing room?
Just the way it has to be in this funny little house....
Hoping it's only temporary and we can move somewhere nicer soon.
Happy Christmas 2011


  1. Oh what a wonderful family holiday! Congrats on the new one soon to arrive in the new year! Thanks for visiting my blog today!! Yes the Tat hurt a little...well a lot was worth the pain..smiles and have a wonderful New Year's coming in...LOVEY!

  2. Thanks Lovey, I have just updated this post with more photos. I don't think you would have seen it all. I got a Samsung phone recently and just worked out how to send photos directly to my blog. It makes blogging so much easier. Your tatoo inspired me to put the extra photos up, weird logic but that is what happened...LOL

  3. Oh that was so fun! I guess Christmas is the same all over the world. I live in Orlando Florida and we had 83 degrees Christmas day so we had a hot one too. I love Micheal Buble too!

    Happy New Year!