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Monday, 14 May 2012

A derelict crumbling queenslander house once a lovely lady....

This old queenslander type of house has seen better days.
If only houses could talk.
They would have such things to tell us.
As this old girl has no doubt spanned 3 centuries
can you just imagine the experiences
happenings that have taken place within?
The families and people she has nurtured, sheltered and loved.
The ravages of time have indeed been cruel.
There will be no happy ending for this old girl.
{If you click on these photos to enlarge you can see some furniture on the
verandahs that is about to fall right through the decaying floor boards}.
Her run in life has just about ended.
It's just too sad.
In her hey day she would have indeed cut a fine profile,
 positioned as she is high on a rise above the road with views of the surrounding district
looking out to the mountains.
My mum thinks this beautiful old girl was probably built around
I have been looking at this house for my entire life.
Each time I visited my grandparents
we passed this house.
For many years it was inhabited by
three siblings.
It is the farm house of a family owned property.
Obviously no-one lives here now
it has been derelict since the death of the last sibling.
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grand old lady
South East Queensland
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who took these photos
kindly gave me permission to use them for this post.
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