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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Some of my favourite books

These are some of my favourite books, a beautiful selection in a vintage child's laundry trolley and some pretty little vignettes taken around my sewing room. Let me know what you think?

Another card for a dear friend's 50th

I made this in January for a good friend's 50th. She was thrilled to receive it and I was so happy to make it for her. I had some dramas along the way, namely the printer ran out of ink and the flower had to be hand coloured (using Staedtler Aquarell pencils that I then painted over to highlight, using a wet brush). I used linen paper and it gave a lovely texture.
The tree branch sticker was so beautiful and I added my friend's name to the branches in alphabet stickers. The round scalloped sticker behind the 50 was from the same sheet as the tree
Webster's pages, Your Life is Beautiful (Hello Beautiful cardstock diecut stickers).
The music theme played throughout the entire card as we both learnt music together when we were children.
I'm sorry but the paper, alphabet stickers and anything else not credited is out of my scrap bits and pieces and I have forgotten where I got them or their origins.

Vintage Look Eiffel Tower Postcard.

Well I thought I would post some pics of my recently made cards.
The Eiffel Tower postcard is a vintage style that I love to make.
Stamps used as follows:

Lost and Found (little bird, eiffel tower)
Grace Taylor (corner flourish)
Tim Holtz (eiffel tower-paris postscript, postage stamp, carte postale)
Embellishments: aluminium softdrink can tag, embossed in Cuttlebug and punched with
EK Success Paper Shaper (tag punch).
Corners punched with Fiskars Scallop Punch
Bottom layers on card used Fiskars Border Scallop Punch
Edges inked with Queue Limited Edition Cat's Eye Pigment Inkpads (espresso colour)
Highlighted areas used Pebbles Cream Chalks 10 Precious Metal Shades
I have not listed papers used as they were all out of my scrap box and long ago forgotten brands.
When listing all the tools etc used to make one little card it boggles the mind doesn't it?

Friday, 24 June 2011

6 weeks today

Today marks 6 weeks since my TLIF (single level L5/6). I am now walking twice a day again. Hopefully last week's 4 day glitch will not be repeated. I am less than impressed with the fact that I cannot sit for very long, it is worse than before the surgery in fact.
However I can definitely walk much further and without pain so that really is a breakthrough. The full name of my operation is Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion and it was performed by a Brisbane Neurosurgeon.
I am itching to get back into some sewing, gardening, and/or papercrafting. It's getting very frustrating.

I still cannot bend or pick much of anything up, like for instance my scotty Liza, who weights 8 kg and who needs to be brushed regularly. I still can't wash up or do housework but do cook the evening meal with some help lifting heavy things. It is very cold atm but that is to be expected here on the Darling Downs in the middle of winter.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Giving walking another go

It's been a slow process of recovery since my major back surgery on 13th May this year. After staying with my parents for 3 weeks after 10 days in hospital I finally arrived home 11 days ago. Was up to 2 x 20 minute walks per day and then last Friday that all stopped. I had new pain and was not up to walking around much at all. This morning my DH put my lace ups on for me and I went for a little walk of about 6 mins. I was not walking as fast as before last Friday and it all felt quite tender but never-the-less I did it.
Sitting is still a big problem, I just don't like doing it at all. Sick of lying, sick of it all quite frankly.
I don't think this cold weather is helping any either. Wish I could fast forward a few months. I was very hopeful of a new life after this surgery until last Friday when it all seemed to go pear shaped. Only time will tell of course.
My neurosurgeon said recovery could take up to 12 months. Even though my walking has deteriorated in the last 5 days it is still better than before the TLIF so I suppose that is something isn't it?
My weight loss still continues, even though it is hard going at the moment in such cold weather.
Since I first found out about this surgery on 7th February this year I have lost approximately 9kgs. All my own doing, and hardly any exercise (due to back pain and disability).
If you want to find out how I lost the weight, just ask me.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Well I caved in last night and put the heater on for one hour. It warmed the house quickly and stayed tolerable until I went to bed. I take 2 wheat bags to bed, one for my feet and one for my back. They are such a wonderful invention. I have had to let my Scotty sleep inside for the last 3 nights as well. Something I have never had to do before, it's just SO cold. Thankfully she does not need a toilet break during the wee small hours so all is well.
My niece is coming for a visit tomorrow, as her uni exams are over for the semester. Her bed is made up with an electric blanket as I'm sure she will need it.
We are going to spend some time going over current affairs etc in preparation for The 2011 Regional Showgirl Awards Dinner. This is the 2nd yr she has attended, this year as the Ipswich Miss Showgirl & last year for Marburg.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Chocolate Cake

Following is a recipe I devised last week. It is butter and gluten free.
I have made it twice, once with Xylitol (natural sweetener made from the bark of birch tree) and the second time with organic raw sugar. Both times the results were the same. Light, airy and delicious either warm with cream or cold the next day as a yummy cake.
Cream 2 eggs and 1/3 cup Xylitol or 1/2 cup organic sugar until light and creamy. Add 1/3 cup rice bran oil and vanilla extract.
Beat to combine and make extra thick. Then fold in 2 tablespoons each of almond meal, rye flour, brown rice flour, cocoa powder and greek yoghurt.
Place in greased tin and bake at 180 celcius for 35 mins approx or until crisp and dark brown around edges, but centre still a little softish.
NB: SR Flour could be used instead of the almond meal, rye flour and brown rice flour.
Original recipe by EllenaElizabeth Makes, June 2011.

Cold cold cold

It's very cold here on the Darling Downs. This is only my 2nd winter experience on the DD and it is proving quite a challenge, especially without use of a heater (trying to do our bit for the environment).
Wearing up to 6 layers of clothing to try and stay warm really affords one a good workout I tell you.