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Sunday, 22 April 2012

V is for Vintage Vignettes

Breezeway or fretwork panels
above my old bedroom door
in the house I grew up in
(built circa 1880).
These panels are iconic in Queenslander
colonial style houses
Vintage Vignettes
Not very original I suppose
In this blogging world that I have become quite familiar with
it's all about
suits me fine and dandy.
I've always been drawn to Vintage style,
even as a small child.
Needless to say my home is full of vintage vignettes.
Turn around and look in any corner or area
and that's what you will see.
I have learned through my US blogging friends that it's ok to be like this.....LOL
I don't have to feel guilty.
I used to say I was preserving the past for the future
and that still holds true
I can decorate with renewed
Verve and Vigour
not having to feel guilty
about my love and enjoyment of
all things Vintage.
Be it a pile of old junk... (I know I'll find 'something' that I can use).
No matter how derelict and disgusting that old pile of 'stuff' might be.
If it's old and pre-loved I'm pretty sure something in that pile of someone else's unwanted 'stuff' will become a treasure to me.
I particularly love this vintage laundry trolley complete with original clothes pegs.
It belongs to a friend of the family.
I just wanted to share this with you,
it's so lovely.
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I look forward to meeting some fellow Vintage lovers.


  1. me too, can't get enough of it. The memories and stories behind each piece is fascinating.
    OOOh I so love that laundry trolley with pegs,especially it would go with this weeks post I did. xx

  2. Love all your vignettes! That laundry cart -- well that is priceless!! I have so many little 'vignettes' around that it always keeps peoples eyes on them instead of the dust or cobwebs!

  3. Your vintage treasures are gorgeous! Decorating with pieces from the past are the only way to go for me. So charming and well made, you just don't get the same thing with the new stuff. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. You are so right. Most new stuff unless it costs a mint is just rubbish. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Yep! vintage is awesome:) Love the grate above is so pretty!

    1. When my parents had to sell that farm house to the coal mines and were going to trash the house or rent it out I wanted to remove all of the fret work panels. Mum agreed but Dad said NO, so he won :(((

  5. I think it's a lovely V -- don't see anything to feel guilty about.

  6. I love that! Preserving the past for the future! These sweet things do need someone to love them! I hope you have a great week,

  7. Your photos are lovely! Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my post

  8. wonderful vintage items! I love that fretwork!

  9. I love all your pictures, what beautiful things you have. I like your comment on how you know you aren't the only one collecting things like this. Isn't the internet wonderful? Through blogging I have met so many people with similar tastes and ideas, and I am so happy I am not alone! Anyhow, thanks for the very nice comment. Hailey, who I call Haileybelle, is my first grandchild, and she will be turning 9 in May. I had kids young (three boys and one girl) and so did my daughter, so I am a young grandma, 53. Thank goodness because these kids are wearing me out!!! She has a brother who is 5. One of my sons has a son who will be turning 5 in June and a new sister on the way! Hoorayyy! I feel the need for some more pink in our lives! My sweet Hailey loves to sew and crochet and learn anything crafty so I have devoted this space to her so she can learn and play and have fun. Also we will make many memories together which is the best part!!! Thanks for visiting and commenting, I appreciate it!

    1. All cleared up now. Thankyou for encouraging a member of the younger generation to sew and craft and get joy from doing so. I do the same whenever I can. It's important to pass on the skills and the joy.

  10. I adore vintage items, they have so much character! My hubby and I like to go to estate sales and look for treasures. I love your Scottie, we have a black mini Schnauzer and everyone always asks if he is a scottie, little dogs are so sweet!

    1. Both of our dogs are cute breeds..thanks for visiting me

  11. Hello.
    I'm playing catch-up from last week.

    You just can't beat's so romantic (at least to me). Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

    The Violet Maiden

  12. This was such a wonderful post for the letter "V"...

    It brought back so many ViVid memories...

    I loVe Vintage!

    Thanks for linking.