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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pansies, lavender, sunsets and two cats

This is my sole pansy flower at the moment.
Hopefully they'll be blooming in profusion within the next few weeks.
Pansies are my favourite flowers.
This collage is the same photo with four different edits
courtesy of PicMonkey
I just love the way this lavender photo
has turned out.
I'm having lots of fun with my new Canon 600D DSLR camera.
The sunsets here at this time of year are spectacular!
These were taken on the shortest day of the year
otherwise known as the winter solstice.
My female manx cat
Her brother Gordon...
They look nothing alike but are from the same litter.
They're just on three years old now.
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Hope you all like my new blog design.
I've had lots of fun this week as
the wonderful Karen Valentine brought my blog design to life.
Thanks Karen
A job well done!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Great-Grandmother's Vintage Postcards

I recently learnt about a collection of postcards (still in existence) that were sent to my great grandmother in the early 1900's.
My grandmother (who was her daughter) was about to burn them with the rubbish and my aunty saved them from the fire.
She has had them for decades
I had never heard about them until 12 months ago.
I have been trying to scan them so I have them for myself forever.
They have to go back to my aunty as soon as I get this job done
I'll admit I like having them close to me.
I have received so much pleasure from reading them and
gaining a little insight into how much my great grandparents
must have loved each other.
Many of them were sent to my Great-Grandmother by her future husband.
They are indeed very lovingly written.
I never knew anyone related to me could be so 'smooth with words'...LOL
I love the way so many of the postcards were addressed...
seemingly so loosely,
as though everyone knew who lived in the district,
which indeed they did.
I'm talking about country folk.
My relatives were not big city people.
Simpler times and simpler lives.
My great-grandmother's name was Anna but this was only discovered when her death certificate was sighted.
All her life she went as Annie.
Annie is also one of my nicknames.
This postcard was from my GG's cousin Rachel in 1911
Rachel was trying to organize meeting up with my GG
and suggested they may meet up at the local country show.
It must have been hard with no phones etc when you lived a good horse ride apart from each other.
Love's Victory...a postcard
from my great grandfather William known as Bill,
 to his future wife, Annie.
I love the address on this postcard
Miss Emma Janke
C/o Mr Janke,
The bootmaker it!...
Don't know how my GG had this one, maybe she never got to post it
she collected her friend's used postcards.
Who could blame her?  
They're so lovely.
To Greet You on Your Birthday
Best wishes for your birthday
Here again not sure why she had this postcard in her collection
maybe she had a friend called Annie, maybe she never posted it
We'll never know now.
Christmas card by Beagle's Postcards
from my GG's friend Mary Jessop
Dear Annie
Hope you've enjoyed looking at some of my family history
beautiful old postcards
that are now mostly just over 100 years old.
I knew my Great grandmother well.
She died when I was 20.
I never knew my Greatgrandfather as he died before I was born.
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Friday, 22 June 2012

Twelve months of blogging and I missed the anniversary

I thought I'd share some winter photos with you.
We're in the middle of winter here in Australia.
These photos are a couple years old
& were only taken on my old samsung mobile phone
certainly capture the frost in the garden.
By the way the above plant did not handle
the frosts here on the Darling Downs.
This was the 1st year we had lived here & weren't sure what would survive the bitter winters.
Who would have thought that snow peas love the frost?
(Maybe their name should have given us a hint)
We got a bumper crop that year!
These photos were taken at 10am so I was amazed
that the icicles were still intact,
even with the sun on some of them.
I love this shot with the white frost on the log
& the rusted garden ornament.
I love this photo too.
I have an old hollow log in the garden & here you can clearly see the cat's paw prints in the ice.
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To all who have supported my blog in any way in the last 12 months
I started twelve months and 2 days ago.
I have loved every minute of blogging.
Meeting new friends with similar tastes and interests.
Being inspired etc
It's something I'd been wanting to do for years
and when I finally found Google Blogger I knew I was ready to start blogging.
Apart from the time I got a new 'Smartphone'
it decided to commandeer all my Picasa photos
and then delete,
my time in blog world has been such fun.
Anyhow thanks once again.
Hopefully another 12 wonderful months lie ahead.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Some sights around my sewing room

Just thought I'd share some views
from around
sewing room.
Hope you're all having a great week
wherever you may be.
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