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Monday, 12 March 2012

Autumn Garden on the Darling Downs.

The above photo shows my use of some old farm implement parts that have rusted with age.
I like to give them new a flower

My niece and I with Milly the Lhasa Apso
I am babysitting Milly for the week for my good friends who are interstate.
My niece was the original owner of Milly
wanted to come and see her
 after giving her away to my friends last year

This is my lavender walk
The plants were all propagated by me, saving $10 per plant.
They have been in now since end of September..
I think they'll be strong enough to handle the severe frosts we get out here
The Downs during winter

The archway went in last month and we bought a pink flowering rose to climb over it

Here is DH watering the garden and little Milly warming her belly on the warm white pebbles

Northern view of lavender walk
Under the shade of a big mulberry tree
Northern entrance to lavender walk with recycled timber slab and three rusted rings.
Milly has big sight problems...
 (cataracts on both eyes and completely blind in one eye)
doesn't see much of anything.

Here she has just smelt our cat but can't see it.
The cats are being nasty and hanging around when I take her outside for wees etc
They don't see her as much of a threat and keep hissing at her.
Our two manx are very territorial and act like watchdogs.
They love our scottish terrier, just no other dogs.

Front part of garden with white border edges that were already laid when we bought the house
DH and I don't like them
but have decided to try and embrace them in the front
this is our 'english garden' section

My new bird bath
It was a christmas present from DH but only came in a month ago
He had it ordered for months.

Front garden
Plum tree, roses, geraniums, lavenders, abelias, daisies and hawthornes.

This is the view from our front verandah
I love these neighbours....quiet, neat and far away
You might be able to see the australian flag painted on side of their shed
also the owner cycling home from work.
It's very flat country here.
It's taken a long time for me to get used to this.
I am used to hills and mountains.
After nearly 3 years I have come to terms with the plains.
I still hunger for the hills though.

A recent sunset