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Sunday, 22 April 2012

V is for Vintage Vignettes

Breezeway or fretwork panels
above my old bedroom door
in the house I grew up in
(built circa 1880).
These panels are iconic in Queenslander
colonial style houses
Vintage Vignettes
Not very original I suppose
In this blogging world that I have become quite familiar with
it's all about
suits me fine and dandy.
I've always been drawn to Vintage style,
even as a small child.
Needless to say my home is full of vintage vignettes.
Turn around and look in any corner or area
and that's what you will see.
I have learned through my US blogging friends that it's ok to be like this.....LOL
I don't have to feel guilty.
I used to say I was preserving the past for the future
and that still holds true
I can decorate with renewed
Verve and Vigour
not having to feel guilty
about my love and enjoyment of
all things Vintage.
Be it a pile of old junk... (I know I'll find 'something' that I can use).
No matter how derelict and disgusting that old pile of 'stuff' might be.
If it's old and pre-loved I'm pretty sure something in that pile of someone else's unwanted 'stuff' will become a treasure to me.
I particularly love this vintage laundry trolley complete with original clothes pegs.
It belongs to a friend of the family.
I just wanted to share this with you,
it's so lovely.
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