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Sunday, 27 May 2012

A pretty little shoe pincushion and a doiley

I made this a couple of years ago
have been having lots of fun
taking photos with my new Canon EOS 600D.
These two were taken using the macro setting
 then I had fun editing using
I made the paper flowers
my mum
the little crocheted flowers
the doiley
Carlton Ware piece.
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Pretty things

This collage is courtesy of PicMonkey.
I just love this new collage effect.
It seems I've run out of storage space on Picasa.
Anyone have any ideas about what I can do?
What have you'll done when this happens to you?
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Friday, 25 May 2012

A new card, something pretty and some old buttons.

I would like to share my latest card
made for some lovely people
who recently showed my family
great hospitality
They are farmers
I think they will like it.
I used a lovely Stampin 'Up set called Times and Seasons
I bought it preloved from eBay recently.
This is the 1st time I've used my new DSLR.
Last night I bought a Canon EOS 600D
I am so thrilled to have it finally
can't wait to get into some great photography.
I plan on doing a photography course of some sort
to further familiarise myself with it.
A pretty miniature mannequin
Some pretty buttons
all vintage
for the two big glass ones in the centre.
The pink heart shaped doiley was made by my Mum.
A selection of some of my vintage buttons
I think you'll enjoy looking at them.
It's a really cold one here today.
It's overcast and drizzly.
So far not much rain but enough to fill the rainwater tanks.
Five layers of cothing seem to be keeping the worst of the cold at bay...LOL
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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Looking for our country home...the search continues.

Even though this 100 acre farm is out in the middle of nowhere,
it is almost right next to another farm house,
so it's still like being in suburbia (in that respect).
The original owner gave some land to his son & the son built a house only a stone's throw from the house on the farm we like.
Slightly, no really annoying!
You can see the son's house on the left & the roof of the house on the farm we like through the gate to the right of it.....can you believe it?
Part of the grounds surrounding the farmhouse.
This cute as little structure is the cream shed.
This farm was formerly a dairy farm.
The farmhouse doesn't look much but inside it's WOW!
No-one currently lives in the house and it's been vacant for years.
It's in pretty much original condition
great to make our own.
The rooms are huge and there are four bedrooms, large kitchen and dining room, 2 verandahs, a sleepout & some extra rooms.
Also this dream walk in pantry located right off the kitchen.
It's about 1.5 x 3 metres.
The entire house is very well made and still structurally sound.
Kitchen leadlight door
Kitchen looking into the dining room
In a perfect world if we did buy this farm I would like to move the house to this spot, on the top of this hill that is higher than what it looks here.
This would make the house location about 400 metres away from the other neighbouring too close house.
The peaceful road the farm is located on.
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Monday, 21 May 2012

A derelict old Queenslander house.

I found this former beauty a while ago
She is crumbling and just falling apart.
Such a sad thing, it breaks my heart.
She was probably built about 1890
and is what we refer to as a
The classic and iconic style
so beloved by all who know this style of architecture.
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Monday, 14 May 2012

A derelict crumbling queenslander house once a lovely lady....

This old queenslander type of house has seen better days.
If only houses could talk.
They would have such things to tell us.
As this old girl has no doubt spanned 3 centuries
can you just imagine the experiences
happenings that have taken place within?
The families and people she has nurtured, sheltered and loved.
The ravages of time have indeed been cruel.
There will be no happy ending for this old girl.
{If you click on these photos to enlarge you can see some furniture on the
verandahs that is about to fall right through the decaying floor boards}.
Her run in life has just about ended.
It's just too sad.
In her hey day she would have indeed cut a fine profile,
 positioned as she is high on a rise above the road with views of the surrounding district
looking out to the mountains.
My mum thinks this beautiful old girl was probably built around
I have been looking at this house for my entire life.
Each time I visited my grandparents
we passed this house.
For many years it was inhabited by
three siblings.
It is the farm house of a family owned property.
Obviously no-one lives here now
it has been derelict since the death of the last sibling.
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grand old lady
South East Queensland
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who took these photos
kindly gave me permission to use them for this post.
I have enhanced them using
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My mother's crochet, eight pretty girls and a wedding cake.

I would like to showcase my mother's crocheting.
She monogrammed
 crocheted the edges of these handkerchiefs
as part of the gift box
we gave each of my daughter's bridemaids.
These doileys are mainly crocheted in 60 thread.
Each year Mum exhibits at a lot of the country shows in our district
as well as
the Brisbane RNA Show.
The supper cloth above can be seen
on the
wedding cake table below.
It's a topper size, about 36" square.
Here's the happy couple cutting the cake.
The following crocheted items have all been exhibited
have been very successful.
I love the edges Mum has crocheted around these handkerchiefs.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at
my mother's crochet.
She has been creating quite a stir on
a new group I've joined on Facebook
Doily Addicts Group
(DAG for short)
If you are Australian as I am you'll get a laugh outta this shortened name.
Come over and visit us.
If you are australian as I am you'll get a laugh outta this shortened name.
Come over and visit us.
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Thursday, 3 May 2012

My vintage laundry

I wanted to show you some views in my laundry.
I don't like the colour of this little hutch
will not change it
as it's original
even better
it's made from old wooden ammunition boxes.
A very vintage Australian piece
Depression Era
A vintage repro postcard on the front of a metal laundry powder bin
I made this laundry hanger a few years ago 
using 1930's repro fabrics
This is a genuine vintage peg bag
with a vintage mickey mouse coat hanger
I made this peg bag from vintage fabric that has little scotty terriers on it
I adore this child's laundry trolley
washing tongs
My new laundry curtain with battenburg lace border
vintage button tie back
Vintage linens and doilies drying on a vintage clothes airer.
Three trolleys in a row
Love their back wheels
Old laundry trolley
the Australian flag
Another vintage child's laundry trolley
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