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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

New Scrapbooking Purchases.......pretty and nostalgic.

I finally have my hands on some 'elusive' american seam binding tape!

I'm SO excited!!!!!!
This is my first experience with seam binding tape.
I read about it and see it used by all my favourite card making bloggers.
I've looked extensively on ebay etc and finally found this on-line from an Australian seller.
The price seemed good so I got 6 colours. Have not used it yet.

I fell over 2 weeks ago and hurt myself quite badly.
The fall has set back my recovery from major back surgery, and I can't do much but lie in bed.
I'm so cranky with myself. Just waiting to hear from my surgeon after a CT scan last week.

I can't wait to use some of these beautiful items as soon as my back allows.....
In the meantime I'm dreaming of all the wonderful things I can do.