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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My mother's crochet, eight pretty girls and a wedding cake.

I would like to showcase my mother's crocheting.
She monogrammed
 crocheted the edges of these handkerchiefs
as part of the gift box
we gave each of my daughter's bridemaids.
These doileys are mainly crocheted in 60 thread.
Each year Mum exhibits at a lot of the country shows in our district
as well as
the Brisbane RNA Show.
The supper cloth above can be seen
on the
wedding cake table below.
It's a topper size, about 36" square.
Here's the happy couple cutting the cake.
The following crocheted items have all been exhibited
have been very successful.
I love the edges Mum has crocheted around these handkerchiefs.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at
my mother's crochet.
She has been creating quite a stir on
a new group I've joined on Facebook
Doily Addicts Group
(DAG for short)
If you are Australian as I am you'll get a laugh outta this shortened name.
Come over and visit us.
If you are australian as I am you'll get a laugh outta this shortened name.
Come over and visit us.
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  1. Oh those crochet pieces are lovely. What a special bridesmaid's gift! To answer your question, I use a Canon Rebel XSi. It is one of the less expensive SLR's but it does a wonderful job. I've been very pleased with it and if you check out the reviews, I think the consensus is that it's a great little camera for the money. Still an investment for sure, but well worth it if you can swing it.

    Good luck with the hunt,

  2. Your mother does exquisite work! Lovely photos of your beautiful daughter's wedding, also. I really enjoyed your post and photos!

  3. What beautiful work! Your mother must have the patience of a saint. Lovely doilies.


    1. I suppose she is fairly patient, slow to anger etc. She just loves crocheting and can make a complete item in a few days when she is 'in the mood'. Thanks for your kind words, I'll pass them onto her, she'll get a thrill.

  4. Holy Talent! Your Mom's work is incredible!! Thank you for showing. Also, thank you for the visit and sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Toodles, Kathryn

  5. I love the monogrammed and crocheted handkerchiefs, doilies and supper cloth on the wedding cake table. Everything looks so lovely. What a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing.


  6. What a talent! All of the pieces are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing them they are beautiful. I'm a new follower.

  7. Great work by your mother, everything looks so beautiful and fantastic! Lovely pictures of your daughter's wedding! Thank you for visiting & for your kind words an Kabab Curry recipe :)

  8. Oh my, what beautiful work your mother does! Your daughter's bridesmaids are so lucky to have something handmade!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Dearest Ellena Elizabeth,

    Thanks for visiting my lace crocheted handkerchief post and your comment. Your Mom is truly amazing in achieving such perfectly even lace hankies! Stunning for all bridesmaids.
    Your blog is so lovely, you ought to install the LinkWithin Related Post Widgets for underneath each of your posts. With one click on the photo, readers can go to that post. It is easy, just look here:
    Love to you,