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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Some pretty 50th birthday cards I'd like to share, after all I'll only turn 50 once.

       Here are the cards I received for my 50th birthday last weekend.
       They are all lovely that's why I'd like to share them with you.
I love pink and green especially.


This 50th card is from my DH,
      I think it's lovely and so sweet of him
 to choose something so pretty. He's a good fella.

Well it's quite warm here today compared to the last month or so. It's already 18c and about 70% humidity so it feels warmer than it really is. Let's just say that from wearing up to 6 layers of clothing, today I have only a t-shirt and cords on. It feels quite liberating actually. It's starting to cloud up again so let's hope we get some rain, as it's much needed here on The Darling Downs at least.

I am becoming SO frustrated now. 9 weeks post op TLIF and still quite a lot of pain, so continuing with pain killers. I am walking briskly up to 30 mins most days so that is a major break through but sitting is not good at all, and it's not getting any easier so that is annoying, not to mention that car travel is far too painful so none of that either. Therefore I am even slightly more housebound than before the operation, hence you can see where the frustration is coming from.
I still can't even put my lace-ups on, not to mention basics like cutting toe nails etc. The only trim I've had in 9 weeks was performed by my father. The shape of my nails still tells the tale.....LOL