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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tea on a Tuesday

This is how I first spied my lovely little cup.
It was the box that took my eye
It was sitting on a shelf at my local chemist shop with a price tag of  $15
Inside was what I thought to be an average cheapie type cup complete with tassel.
It was a little bit different to anything I had seen before
I did not want to pay that much for one cup that was completely unbranded... 
I knew if I left it there I would regret it
was so
I left the cup in the box for months
 quickly initially looking at it I did not think
I would enjoy drinking out of it.

One day I did get it out, washed it and made a cuppa in it.
Was I wrong.
It is surprisingly thin lipped and lovely to drink from.
It has a lovely white glossy glaze that does not detract from the flavour of the tea/coffee...
It actually feels and performs like an expensive english bone china cup

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