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Monday, 1 October 2012

Home again after spinal surgery.

So happy to see my little Scotty girl
 after being away from home for so long.
It's so wonderful to be home again, five weeks to the day.
How I have missed being in my own home and seeing my dear hubby and pets.
I had two vertabrae fused with titanium screws
and two new discs and bone grafts.
Last year I had one vertabrae receive the same treatment.
The healing is very different this time.
Less pain but less mobile.
Anyhow I'm hoping for the best and maintain my confidence.
Hopefully I will have less pain, more mobility and more freedom, as I have been mostly housebound for the last 19 years in varying degrees.
I may even be able to do some travel with my DH and hopefully even be able to drive myself around a little or a lot, I'll take either.
Thankyou to all who prayed for me.
I so appreciate it.
You are such gems!!!


  1. Glad you are getting better. It's always nice to be home! Get well....Diane

  2. Dearest Diana,

    Welcome back home!!! You certainly know the full meaning of 'Home Sweet Home!'.
    Wishing you the best of recovery and without pain. Guess the main ingredient will be: PATIENCE. It is also the hardest.
    But you write that for some 19 years you've been housebound in some way, so you know. Hugs and love to you,

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  4. Hi Ellena Elizabeth,
    Oops, I deleted my note to you silly old I will try it again..
    You are so brave, your smile says it all "I am home" I bet you clicked your heels together and repeated "there's no place like home". I hope and pray this surgery will help you feel better.
    Sending you big hugs, Elizabeth

  5. Blessings for a speedy recovery...

  6. Dear Ellena Elizabeth,
    Best wishes on your full recovery. So glad you are doing well and with no pain. I will pray your mobility improves with time and you are back and able to do what you love and travel about.
    Your pic is beautiful and your smile so bright. I know you are very happy to be home again. This is the best medicine of all. Your dear Scotty is so cute.
    Many blessings sweet lady.
    XO CM

  7. Thank you so much for responding to My plea for help :)I do hope that as time goes on you feel better and better.I know your sweet doggy will help.Denise