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Friday, 15 July 2011

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                                                            posted on 14th July 2011.
        Time wise Australia is a day ahead of the USA so the 14th is already yesterday to me...LOL

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Aren't cloth dolls special?

This is my little Cora-Beth Godsey. When I finish making my dolls they almost seem to tell me what to call them. No..I don't mean I hear them speak..LOL, just that the finished product just seems to become its own little personality. So when this one was finished I looked at her and without even giving it any thought the name Cora-beth Godsey immediately sprang to mind. Can you tell what my favourite TV show is? And just in case you can't, it is of course The Waltons. I can't remember the pattern I used for CBG but it is Australian. I did change it quite a bit but when making dolls that has a habit of happening.

This little sweety is called Aunty Violet Reller. She has a maidenly old world look about her and once again her name just sprang to mind. I think the pattern came from a Handmade magazine but can't remember what issue.

This dear little girl is called Folksy Megan.
I caught her sitting out in the garden stitching with some of my best threads and buttons. Just check out the look on her face when I discovered her......LOL
The name of the pattern is Megan's Locket by Sun Valley Primitives, Australia.
Anyhow just back to reality now and being serious, I did not change this pattern much at all, which is unusual for me. I just loved her the way she was meant to be.
                                    I named this girl Ivy. She is quite big and likes to
                                         walk around the garden as you can see.

This dolly was made for my friend Jenny's 50th so I called her Jenny. Not very original but there you have it. The thing I like making the most was the cornucopia she is holding.
Her hair is a whole skein of vintage maroon darning wool.