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Saturday, 31 March 2012

50th Birthday Gift for a friend

Boxed set of 12 postcards
french theme.
I purchased a lidded box with a magnetic closure
decorated the lid
to serve
50th birthday card.

Then made 12 vintage look postcards and envelopes with paper band 
that neatly sit inside.
I bought the lidded 'book look' box a few months ago
I knew I would use it sometime soon for something.
Inside of the box was already lined with cute french looking paper in correct colour so left it as is.
The paper I used as the base for the birthday card and what I based my colour theme on.
I initially was thinking my friend could use the box to store her recieved 50th birthday cards in
inspiration struck
thought I'd make a card for each month of the next 12 months
then morphed
vintage type postcards
a French theme.
She just travelled to France in 2011
so I thought it a fitting theme.
The mess of making something.
All quickly put away though as soon as I'm finished
as everything has it's own place.
I love to be organised!
It took me 2 days to complete this project and for those 2 days all of the 'stuff' needed to make it was left out ready for use.
I have a dedicated sewing room so it's not really a problem to anyone but me.
I do not like dis-order...
Papercraft requires so many different tools, glues, papers and embellishments
but I thoroughly loved making this gift for my good friend.
Thanks for looking and I'd love to hear what you think of my project.
Also can't wait to hear from my friend when she receives it in the post hopefully on Monday which is her big day.
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