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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Our white picket fence in the country

We bought this house on The Darling Downs nearly 3 years ago.
We are into Autumn now and soon the geraniums, hibiscus, salvias, daisies etc will fall into their winter slumber before they make a big comeback early September for the first month of Spring in Australia.
The lavenders, roses, wild jasmine and others love the frosty mornings and cool to cold days and even grow and thrive during winter.
The ornamental plum tree has already lost its leaves.
The house is an old girl,  post WW2 most likely.
The interior walls are tongue and groove, which I just LOVE!
someone tried to modernise the house
most likely in the
and they sheeted them up with fibro and cover strips..... :(((((
This is the front garden which has an english theme
because we tried to fit in with the white garden edging
that was already in place when we bought the place.
We don't like it and could not be bothered painting it as we are only here 'short term' hopefully.
We want to buy a farm in the same area.
So that we can grow our own cattle, sheep, chooks and pigs.
And have some peace and tranquility
rather than having the hassle of noisy neighbours.
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