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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Some wedding photos and other nostalgia

My paternal grandmother, aged 18 weeks.
She was born in Rossland, Canada 1919

Here she is aged 4
Bit of snow here...
This is an un-known event to me as I live in Australia.
My grandmother came to Australia on the ship Aorangi with her parents and 3 siblings in 1934.
They thought the depression would not be so hard in Australia.
My great grandfather had been born in Australia and left at about age 18 to see the world, ended up in Canada. Joined the Canadian army during WW1, met his future wife in England, married as soon as the war was over and they went to Canada to live.

My grandmother in Canada
Wonder what happened to the lovely doll and pram?

My grandmother with her father and brother
Just a little bit of snow!

My grandmother and her brother at London Zoo in a Llama Cart

A lovely family portrait of my grandmother (the eldest) and her siblings.
Taken in Mt Isa, Queensland, Australia.
I was talking to my great aunty (youngest one in this photo) and she said my grandmother's dress was full length. Port wine colour over a satin lining. Sounds so pretty, wish it was in colour.

My handsome grandfather
married my grandmother above in 1937

                         My grandparents at Cloudland Ballroom
Brisbane, Queensland

         My grandmother pushing my father in a pram
         with her  mother and little sister, about 1938

My grandmother holding a koala with
her mother pushing my father in pram

My grandparents with my father

Grandma with my Dad
at The Murgon Show

                                    My grandparents during WW2
My Pop was in the Royal Australian Airforce.

My grandmother with my father and his younger brother

Just about the end of WW2
By now my father had a baby sister

                                   My grandparents at a wedding.
Probably in the 1950's

My paternal grandparents standing with my Dad and my maternal grandparents beside my Mum at their wedding.
7th May 1960

                              My grandparents on my wedding day
19th March 1983
Here I am with hubby and both sets of grandparents on our wedding day
This is a comparison photo of my parent's wedding and mine.
I wore my mother's wedding dress.
I am quite a bit taller than my Mum so my hoop was not as big as hers.
I think hers looked much lovlier.
I used her veil as well but not the garland as it was too little for my head
so I had a sort of pill box hat with veil made
and Mum's veil attached at the back.
1960 and 1983
                           My grandparents with me and my daughter
Don't you love my perm? LOL What a blast!!

Grandma at her surprise 70th Birthday Party
pictured with the cake I made her

My grandfather with my daughter at my brother's wedding
I hope you've enjoyed walking down memory lane with me today.
Just love family history and old photos.
Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cards for baby boys.

Today I made two baby cards for little boys
who will be born soon.
I'm glad I know ahead of time that the babies are boys 
I'm just waiting on hearing what their names are
so I can add the first initial to the cards.
I'm having back surgery in the next couple of weeks and will be un-able to create for who knows how long?
Anyhow it was fun to make these today.
I hope you like them and will leave me a comment or become my follower.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Bed of Roses

I love collecting interesting little things.
My friend made this cute little shoe pincushion for me
 My lovely rose lamp
Hubby and I love our 'bed of roses'.
A vintage beaded purse
A musical jewelry box my husband bought for my 21st birthday
sitting on a cross stitched embroidery with crochet edge that I made in 1982
Hubby and I on our wedding day

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Winter garden on The Darling Downs.

A beautiful winter sky last week
Some rusted garden ornaments that I've collected over the years.
I leave the cobwebs as I like the look of them
An old horse shoe
Love my rusty chains
Seems I've 'run' out of space for anymore photos on my blog.
I've been through this before and
the next time I post it's ok.