Creating, collecting & recycling textiles & papercrafts. I love preserving the past for the future.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bloom card

A lovely Stampin' Up design
Bloomin' With Beauty
I used the rose and bloom stamp from the above set.
I coloured the rose with Aquarella pencils and used some gold glitter for the centre.
For the border I used a Just Rite stamp and coloured with Pebbles Chalks
I used Spellbinders Labels 10 to frame the rose which I hand cut and positioned with foam dots to give it some height.

This card will now go into my stash of ready to go cards....
Awaiting delivery to someone in the future.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Three lovely ladies.

Today I would like to share with you, three different crinoline lady designs.
Recently I bought set of 6 plates in very good condition.
It was a bit of a random purchase apart from the fact that I just loved them on sight.

I have no cups and saucers to go with them but they were just so pretty I could not leave them in the shop.

Hanley England
Royal Falcon Ware
Durability stamped across the flag
Three of the plates are printed in gold
Three of the plates are stamped in red and blue
Seems strange to me.
What do you think?
This is a lovely tea cosy I bought a month or so ago.
She is sitting over a
Royal Doulton
Brambly Hedge teapot

This lovely little jam or sugar bowl is called
Lilac Time
Swinnerton's England
Hampton or Upton England
and then overstamped
Australia Design
Application No
Made in England
Such a lot of markings for such a little piece. 

Back of bowl

Inside the bowl

Underneath showing all the markings
Pedestal bowl

Empire England
The entire setting sitting on
Dutch Oak Sideboard
Everything is crammed into this house
It's a bit like a furniture storage facility
Hopefully won't be here too much longer......
Here's the setting in pink hues...
Just playing with my new mobile phone.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Children's Tin Tea Set

15 Piece
Children's Tin Tea Set
Pretty enough to serve Valentine's afternoon tea.....
time of the year.
Most of us are young at heart
this little tin tea set is so appealing,
even though it's meant for children.
Possibly slightly indulgent of me but I spotted this little set in the chemist shop last week and wanted to buy it but thought it was just something else I didn't need.
I went home and thought about it and ended up buying it with some Christmas money I had not as yet spent.
It cost $37 but it is so lovely
It has it's own case which is so pretty
being a bonus for storage
safe keeping.
My DD is 27 so too old to play with it.
She just had her first child...Master E,
so I'm guessing he probably won't want to play with it
certainly not if his father has anything to do with it....LOL
Never the less it will look cute in my sewing room
I get a little thrill each time
I could have taken some time to set it up
better props
I was so anxious to show everyone I didn't.
I would have loved one like this when I was a child.
I did have 2 different plastic tea sets when I was little
only a few pieces remain
the pink colours are faded to almost white now.
Leave me a comment
let me know what you think
my little

Vintage apron

I finished this vintage apron for my friend.
It's a SEMCO design crinoline lady sitting in a garden.
Her mother had hand worked the embroidery sometime in the 1950's.
I lined it, added some faux front pockets with ric rac embellishment,
washed, starched
ironed it
I made this apron a few years ago now
as I am still not able to sew
due to back pain
I thought I would share
some of my older projects.
This glamorous apron model (aka DD) is wearing her winter flanelette pj's.
This photo shows the lining....a dainty and small blue cotton print.
I used this same fabric for the waist and neck ties.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Newly arrived first grandchild!

first grandchild
....Master E....

Little did we realise that when DD went for a routine checkup at Midday that she would actually go into labour right there at the hospital, 9 days early.
This photo below was taken 1 hr into labour.
Being her 1st pregnancy she had all the midwives and doctors caught un-awares as they kept saying she could easily go on like this for 2-3 days.
I know how she is with a lot of pain and could see she was in labour, but to them she looked ok.
So in case the medical staff were correct, she asked me to go home and make some banana muffins as it was going to be a long night and she might want a snack...
So her hubby and I rushed home to make them only to be rung within the hour saying things were progressing quite quickly...
so at 5pm we rushed up with the muffins (that were not eaten by her in the end)
By 8pm she was in so much pain she asked me if now would be a good time to ask for some pain relief and the midwife agreed so off to the birth suite and some gas.
The gas helped a lot and she gave us a thumbs up.

1 hr 20 mins later little Master E was born on 1st February 2012.
In Australia this would be written as 1-2-12

DH drove over last weekend to see his new grandson for the first time.
I had arrived one week earlier just in case babe was born early
just as well I did
coming 9 days early
Here little Master E is 2 days old with my DH and I

Master E
(8 days old)
She is successfully feeding him herself
even managing fairly decent night sleeps...
let's hope this continues.

How did I cope with my own back pain throughout the 3 hr car journey to DD's town as well as the birth you may be asking???
Pain killers
greatest tool
TENS machine....
it's sort of funny to think I was trying to cope with pain
handle sitting through and helping my DD through her labour.
The TENS machine certainly helped me get through it all
for that I am grateful.
You can see the 3 vertical scars
Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion
May 2011