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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

New laundry curtain

I recently made a new curtain for my laundry window.
I used calico and added a battenburg lace border.
I cut a pre-loved battenburg runner in half lengthways
and sewed it to the bottom.
I made a string and combination vintage/new button tie back.
I added a little bundle of string tied wooded clothes pegs as the ornament on the window sill.
This window gets the all day northern sun so I don't really have to worry about the calico fading.

Sorry about the photos, they were taken on my mobile.
I want to buy a new camera soon but not sure what to get.
I want one that will take good still shots in a light box
(for my cards and little items) 
also take good outdoor shots.
I don't know if I really need a DSLR or not.
I'm not really into having to change lenses
as I am very limited in what I can carry around
due to a back problem.
I have looked at a Nikon P510.
It's not a DLSR but has a lot of good features
has a tilt/flip screen which would be good
when using a tripod.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
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