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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Post lunch with friends.

My friend Jenny and her husband have been friends of ours for nearly 25 years now.
We met in Richmond, New South Wales.
Our husbands were both in the Royal Australian Air Force.
I was expecting my second child and we met over the back fence.
We were neighbours for nearly three years.
It's a friendship that has endured and blossomed through trials and tribulations.
After moving all around Australia they have settled now, about an hour's drive from us.
She and her husband regularly visit us.
I am still house bound and she is very loyal in her visits to me, especially as we don't just live around the corner.
We met up a few days after Christmas for lunch.
Roast turkey, plum pudding etc. All home made with my own blood sweat and tears.....the radio frequency ablation is either taking its time to work (2 weeks and counting now) or else it's not going to work at's REALLY hoping....
The weather is still's not been hot at all...
We exchanged gifts.
We know each other all too well.
She spoilt me this year.
The bird cage sweet.
And for those who know me....vintage, scottish terriers, pansies, eiffel tower does not take much to make me happy.

Cast iron scottish terrier

A little scotty lifting his leg..sorry he was so hard to photograph but I thought he was well worth a photo

A pansy nail file and some velvet flowers

A beautiful wrought iron bird cage and porcelain birdie

A tote bag bought in Paris

Vintage trim

Post christmas lunch setting

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