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Thursday, 12 April 2012

The letter U

WoUldn't yoU like to visit this beaUtifUl landmark?
Paris, France...the city of lights.
I sUre woUld.
The letter U is Used more than one woUld think..
I initially thoUght I woUld speak aboUt words that need the letter U in order to be pronoUnced correctly
Words sUch as
qUaint, qUeer, qUalm, qUince, qUarter, qUagmire, qUintessential, qUarter, qUaver, qUeUe, qUeen, qUenelle, qUench... etc etc
All the words listed are 'q' words, bUt they woUld not be the same withoUt the Use of the hUmble letter U.
In my opening coUple of sentences alone I realised that the letter U is indeed Used qUite a lot and more than one woUld think.
I hope I have not neglected to specially acknowledge any single U's
in my ramble.
If I have please let me know.
Thanks for visiting me
EllenaElizabeth Makes.
If yoU follow me
I will follow yoU right back.

Exciting news for me anyhow,
I have just achieved my 40th follower!!!!!
Whoo hoo!!!!

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