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Monday, 5 September 2011

Happy 27th Birthday Dear Daughter and Father's Day in Australia

My daughter celebrating her 27th Birthday one day early.
No doubt she will be spoilt by her DH when she arrives home today.
He might even make her a cake as well.

My one and only DD has been staying with us for the last week.
She wanted to visit us and then travel to our home town for a few days and catch up with relatives and friends but the dreaded morning sickness really took hold and she spent the entire time with us, feeling sick.
Not a good way to enjoy a holiday but she did get a lot of rest which is great as she never lets any grass grow under her feet and a good self imposed rest is probably just what she needed.
Here in Australia, yesterday was Father's Day.
 My parents travelled one and half hours to my place on The Darling Downs, mainly to see my daughter as she was not able to get to see them so we spent a lovely day together.
They had not seen her pregnancy bump before either.
We have always lived no more than 30 mins apart and in the last two years my DD and SIL
moved to Gympie
DH and I moved to The Darling Downs so it is rare for all of us to get together anymore.
Anyhow DD set off for her home this morning bright and early because her morning sickness is really more like afternoon sickness.
Therefore feeling fresher and chirpier in the morning was the wisest time to set off for an approximately 3 hr trip to Gympie.

DF & I, Father's Day 2011

DH, DD and me.
Sadly our son lives 6 hrs away and was not with us for DD's birthday, I think for the 1st time ever.

Dear Daughter (& her 17 week old baby bump) with her Dad  
me with my Dad. 

My DM, DD & me
We spent quite a lot of time walking around the garden.
Mum and Dad love gardening and always enjoy looking around at our new plants,
 especially here on The Darling Downs
as the seasons are so pronounced 
that we have had to learn to adapt to the very different gardening conditions,
especially what plants will survive the successive harsh frosts we endure in winter.

Gazanias, salvias, petunias, sweet peas, diosma, coastal rosemary
 primulas are just starting to either bud up or flower.
Spring has sprung!!
The 1st of September is the first day of Spring in Australia.
Rusted garden ornaments are from my parents and some even from my grandparents.
My parents lived on a beef farm until 6 years ago
there was always plenty of garden art to be had.
DF calls it hilarious!
It's win win for me and him.

Bought this at the plant sale on Saturday....a faux tap plant stand.
The petunia and dianthus were free as we bought a lot of plants,
for every $50 spent we received 2 plants.

Ornaental garden wheelbarrow made by DH years ago
and rusted wheel courtesy of my cousin
who used to work at the local exciting for me!!!!
I got lots of treasures from him over the years.

Bought this beautiful little lavender on Saturday at a garden sale at Kingsthorpe.
It's so sweet I put the bird cage over it as I did not want to risk it being dug up by my dog or a stray cat that has been hanging around.....

Dear Daughter

Happy 27th Birthday
5th September 2011. 

Love you lots

God Bless You Always!


  1. What beautiful photos!! Happy Birthday to your dd!! She looks beautiful! I am sure you are excited about the arrival of a grandchild.

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful DD! Loved seeing the pics and congrats too on the coming grandchild! What a special time this is in your lives! Enjoy every minute of it!

  3. Thanks girls, I really appreciate your comments. This will be our 1st just seems like yesterday our daughter was born, but we all say that....LOL