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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cornucopia and hopefully new beginnings

This is a sweet little gift I made for a friend a while ago.
It was a lot of fun to make, in fact I have made a few of them now and have given them all as gifts.
One day I will have to make one for myself.

Hope you all have a great day and get a chance to make something.
Today I want to try out some new
Spellbinders Nestabilities
I recently bought on ebay and maybe just maybe I will get a card or two made....
very optimistic of me.

My back is no better.
I am still taking very strong pain killers and valium for the muscle spasms.
Why oh why was I such an idiot to be up on a stool and get off safely only to overbalance and fall completely backwards????
This occurred 10 weeks post-op and 6 weeks ago, when I was starting to feel quite a bit better and wanted to change something in my sewing room after I was inspired
Where Bloggers Create 2011
It makes me so cranky and sad to think I may have ruined my operation.
I'm sure you all know what it's like....all the time thinking of creating and making your home, garden, sewing room, whatever more appealing and just so.

I have not been for a decent walk since the fall and it's all very upsetting to me.
Just before I fell I was walking up to nearly 3 km in half an hour.
Now I am flat out walking around the house.

Oh well what's done is done.
I just have to hope that this is a temporary set back and things will right themselves eventually. 
All the thoughts I had lying in hospital for the 10 days post-op are now maybe just dreams.....
Thoughts of maybe I can be comfortable in a car as a passenger. maybe I will be able to go to the shops without pain, maybe just maybe I'll actually be able to drive a car again after 16 yrs. Maybe I'll be able to hold my soon to be born grandchild.....
Lots of maybes..... but also lots of hope.

Oh well in the end I know GOD has me in the palm of his hand and what will be will be.
Maybe my life will never be as I want it to be, but it's hard seeing other people just go about their business without restrictions due to immobility and pain.
And I did have a normal active life until 1994 and even for quite a few yrs could vaccum and clean etc then sewing became a problem and everything seemed to slip away until last October 2010 when I was rendered un-able to hardly much of anything.
My parents are like 20 yr olds compared to me, so I did not inherit this bad spine from them.
I know there are plenty of others in the world way worse than me but this disability takes it toll mentally and my husband, kids, parents and friends are all very supportive and helpful.
I would just like to take that worry away from them and get on with life.

I thank GOD that throughout all of this my sense of humour is always uppermost.
I love a good joke, crack plenty and love to hear them, so that is a major blessing especially in the face of the unknown outcome of my back operation and subsequent fall.

I'll leave you with this sentiment.....

Expect the dawn of a new beginning
in the
dark nights of life

Lloyd John Ogilvie

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