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Friday, 25 January 2013

Problems with loading pics to my blog

My great-grandmother's sewing machine.
It's a Beirne. Have never seen another one like it.
Some of my vintage handkerchiefs.
Hello all my blog friends.
This is my first post for yonks because I have been un-able to load any pictures to my blog.
Today miraculously I could.
Therefore I didn't have anything cohesive planned to blog about...this was sort of a test and somehow I was allowed to load these 2 pics.
I was informed I had to buy extra space so that I could upload photos etc and when I tried to pay the facility was not operating etc etc so therefore I couldn't pay and hence couldn't upload pics.
What is with Blogger?
It's so random...quite annoying as I haven't blogged for ages and ages and missed it so much.
Anyone else had problems like this?
Any tips?
Have a great day.


  1. Hello EllenaElizabeth,
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a note! I like your mantra as well - great words to live by. I enjoyed seeing the photos on your site - your Scottie and all the older family photos. So interesting to look back into the lives of our families from way back.


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  4. Did you ever get your picture thingy to work? I hope so! Miss your posts! Thanks for visiting me today. SOOOO HAPPY to see you.


    1. No I didn't Rebecca. It's really frustrating and the reason why I'm not blogging anymore. I've substituted blogging for my facebookselling page. .. EllenaElizabeth Collectibles. No problem there with posting as many photos as I want for free.