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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Giving walking another go

It's been a slow process of recovery since my major back surgery on 13th May this year. After staying with my parents for 3 weeks after 10 days in hospital I finally arrived home 11 days ago. Was up to 2 x 20 minute walks per day and then last Friday that all stopped. I had new pain and was not up to walking around much at all. This morning my DH put my lace ups on for me and I went for a little walk of about 6 mins. I was not walking as fast as before last Friday and it all felt quite tender but never-the-less I did it.
Sitting is still a big problem, I just don't like doing it at all. Sick of lying, sick of it all quite frankly.
I don't think this cold weather is helping any either. Wish I could fast forward a few months. I was very hopeful of a new life after this surgery until last Friday when it all seemed to go pear shaped. Only time will tell of course.
My neurosurgeon said recovery could take up to 12 months. Even though my walking has deteriorated in the last 5 days it is still better than before the TLIF so I suppose that is something isn't it?
My weight loss still continues, even though it is hard going at the moment in such cold weather.
Since I first found out about this surgery on 7th February this year I have lost approximately 9kgs. All my own doing, and hardly any exercise (due to back pain and disability).
If you want to find out how I lost the weight, just ask me.

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