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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Well I caved in last night and put the heater on for one hour. It warmed the house quickly and stayed tolerable until I went to bed. I take 2 wheat bags to bed, one for my feet and one for my back. They are such a wonderful invention. I have had to let my Scotty sleep inside for the last 3 nights as well. Something I have never had to do before, it's just SO cold. Thankfully she does not need a toilet break during the wee small hours so all is well.
My niece is coming for a visit tomorrow, as her uni exams are over for the semester. Her bed is made up with an electric blanket as I'm sure she will need it.
We are going to spend some time going over current affairs etc in preparation for The 2011 Regional Showgirl Awards Dinner. This is the 2nd yr she has attended, this year as the Ipswich Miss Showgirl & last year for Marburg.

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