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Friday, 22 June 2012

Twelve months of blogging and I missed the anniversary

I thought I'd share some winter photos with you.
We're in the middle of winter here in Australia.
These photos are a couple years old
& were only taken on my old samsung mobile phone
certainly capture the frost in the garden.
By the way the above plant did not handle
the frosts here on the Darling Downs.
This was the 1st year we had lived here & weren't sure what would survive the bitter winters.
Who would have thought that snow peas love the frost?
(Maybe their name should have given us a hint)
We got a bumper crop that year!
These photos were taken at 10am so I was amazed
that the icicles were still intact,
even with the sun on some of them.
I love this shot with the white frost on the log
& the rusted garden ornament.
I love this photo too.
I have an old hollow log in the garden & here you can clearly see the cat's paw prints in the ice.
Thanks for visiting me.
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I'd LOVE to hear from you!
To all who have supported my blog in any way in the last 12 months
I started twelve months and 2 days ago.
I have loved every minute of blogging.
Meeting new friends with similar tastes and interests.
Being inspired etc
It's something I'd been wanting to do for years
and when I finally found Google Blogger I knew I was ready to start blogging.
Apart from the time I got a new 'Smartphone'
it decided to commandeer all my Picasa photos
and then delete,
my time in blog world has been such fun.
Anyhow thanks once again.
Hopefully another 12 wonderful months lie ahead.


  1. Dearest EllenaElizabeth,

    Congrats to your 1 Year + 2 Days of blogging!
    Looking back it passed so much but you certainly have taken lots of photos and typed many a thought for others to read and enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing and hope you stay warm and also that your tender plants survive the frost. It is always a risk for a garden. We lost so much due to the severe heat and drought last year...
    But we move on and try a gain to smell the roses.
    Love to you,

    1. Thankyou for commenting, it's made my day. Can't believe how quickly the last 12 months have passed.

  2. You've taken some lovely photos with your phone. Happy blogging for the next 12 months!

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary! These are awesome pictures you have shared. I especially love the cat paw prints! So sweet. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. May God bless.

  4. Love the kitty's footprints on the log. So cute!

  5. Hi! Congratulations on your beautiful blog and thank you for your visit.
    I was wondering where you live after seeing the frost pictures (Greenland....? Alaska....?), but then I saw that you're from Australia and that makes sense :-))
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    Natacha from Luxembourg

  6. Congratulations!! Love your blog!!


  7. Congrats on a year of blogging! I love all your photos!!! It's hard to imagine June is winter in your place. It was over 100 today. :(

    Love to you sweet friend. xoRebecca

    1. Hey that's how i feel when we're sweltering and you are in the middle of winter. Funny! Thanks for visiting Rebecca.