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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pansies, lavender, sunsets and two cats

This is my sole pansy flower at the moment.
Hopefully they'll be blooming in profusion within the next few weeks.
Pansies are my favourite flowers.
This collage is the same photo with four different edits
courtesy of PicMonkey
I just love the way this lavender photo
has turned out.
I'm having lots of fun with my new Canon 600D DSLR camera.
The sunsets here at this time of year are spectacular!
These were taken on the shortest day of the year
otherwise known as the winter solstice.
My female manx cat
Her brother Gordon...
They look nothing alike but are from the same litter.
They're just on three years old now.
Thanks for visiting.
Hope you all like my new blog design.
I've had lots of fun this week as
the wonderful Karen Valentine brought my blog design to life.
Thanks Karen
A job well done!


  1. Awesome photos. I especially love your cats. Always a pleasure visiting with you. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. Hi Elena, I just read your comment you made to Dawn at The Feathered Nest, and I thought "5 layers...,how could she be cold!?" Then I read where you live tee hee. Deb Plapp

    1. Thanks for visiting Deb and leavning a comment. Hope you're not too hot at the moment.