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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pretty Cup & Saucer

This is a beautiful trio I purchased a few years ago.
Even though I just loved it from the second I saw it in
Myer, Brisbane, these are not my 'usual' colours of choice.
Anyhow it makes a beautiful cup of tea. It is not super-fine china but all the same it is just wonderful to use.
Villeroy and Boch 1748 made in Germany.
Everyone who sees it admires it and I also oddly have the platter of the same pattern. I have only used it once but it looks great on my antique kitchen dresser.
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  1. Thank you for coming all the way from Australia and visiting my blog. I appreciate your visit and comments. I think I got the cotton spool idea from somerset studio life magazine. I did my own take on it though. Well I'm off to visit your studio. Have a great day.

  2. I love that teacup and saucer. I am a huge fan of any kind of toile
    ware out there. This is beautiful!