Creating, collecting & recycling textiles & papercrafts. I love preserving the past for the future.

Friday, 13 July 2012

I recently made this altered canvas for my sewing/craft room.
I entered it in the local country show and it won first place.
A cut glass compote full of gold shank buttons
Pearl buttons in old avon jars sitting on a silver tray

My best friend brought me this beautiful Killarney Lace from Ireland.
 I thought it too pretty to hide away so I framed it up & it's always on show.
A beautiful shelf trim crocheted by my mother

My friend gave me this doll head, it's too cute to throw out right?
Wrought iron string holder & scissors
it's so heavy could be a paperweight as well as just looking so gorgeous.
A scattered selection of buttons, a vintage buckle, and a fabric panel. 
Trying out colours and embellishments for a new bag.
I love to have The Waltons playing in the background as I sew or create
Some very old buttons, some from as far back as the 1800's.
My most recent creation.
Vintage and antique glass buttons
A beautiful box with a pretty tin
a favourite icon of mine, The Eiffel Tower.
A friend brought me this back from Paris last year.
Wrought iron cloche type bird cage vignette
A silky oak day bed for relaxing or even having a quick afternoon kip
Appliqued cushions made by me and the front one by my best friend.
A marvellous way to store fabric collections.
The piano had to stay but that's ok I stacked some interesting things on top.
I store trims in the blue chest of drawers, scrapbooking supplies in the coloured plastic storage drawers and fabric in the white chest of drawers (only some I might add), there are many other plastic tubs on wheels with fabric collections.
Two large work tables
This is a little painted child's play hutch
(that once belonged to my daughter) 
close up with old clocks, dice and tins etc
Some of my buttons and books
I store some of my Spellbinder dies in this old CD holder.
I love the way the individual spines flip forward and back,
it makes them very easy to locate.

A large pincushion made by my best friend
A beautiful new crystal button I bought recently
a crocheted pink heart by my mother
Spool holder painted and decorated by me
Debbie Mumm pin cushion
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I'd like to thank Karen Valentine for once again hosting the party
as well as recently re-designing my blog.
I love my new look, thankyou Karen.
I can't wait to visit each blog again this year.
I met so many wonderful like minded bloggers
and hope to do so again this time.


  1. Dearest Ellena Elizabeth,

    You have a very neat and tidy room for creating! It will be a joy for living out your passion that way.
    Enjoy summer and whatever project you're up to.

    1. No summer here Mariette, it's deep winter and I'm loving it. I dislike summer with a passion. Thanks for visiting me.

  2. Oh how I love the cast iron string holder and birdcage! And I had to smile at your ingenious use of the CD rack for your Spellbinders! Brilliant! I shall be sure to Follow you!

  3. Oh, it's wonderful! It makes me want to curl up on that bed, and nap! Such a great use of space, and wonderful vintage items!! Found you on WBC, and so excited to be following you, now... Hope you can visit sometime...

    Have a great weekend,

  4. What a sweet sweet space! So many neat things you have- the string holder with bird on top- that sweet cloche, those buttons displayed so pretty- love the huge pincushion!

    I have a new little creative space for me thanks to all the years of visiting all those wonderful Where Women Create parties- would love for you to come by for a wee visit!

    bee blessed

  5. I loved seeing all of your fabric collections all neatly folded like that....I really need to organize my own personal fabric's a little out of order...but then's also understocked so maybe I'll wait until I bring a new bundle home.

    thanks for sharing your studio space with's been fun hopping from blog to blog visiting all the studios today.
    visit with me if you can.

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  6. Awesome creative Space ♥

    1. Hi Deb and thanks so much for visiting for the WBC party this year. I can't find your blog, I looked for quite a while.

  7. Wow, I love the way you have your fabric. I can never find a really good way to store mine. Love all your personal touches! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I, too, love the stringholder. And the pincushion that your friend made for you. Is there a pattern available for that? Oh, and the way you sort buttons in the divided dishes. Your studio was really fun to visit. I'll be back.

    1. Hi, thanks so much for visiting my blog today. There is a pattern for the large pincushion. My friend has it so I'll ask her and get back to you on that. We live in Australia and I'm pretty sure it's an australian pattern. :))

  9. Absolutely beeUUUUtiful my friend. Fabulously organized and appointed. I LOVE ThAT! You kNOw I DO! :)

    You are so gifted and talented. God has blessed your hands. LOVE IT!


  10. Gorgeous space! I love all your vintage and antique buttons. How wonderful! Happy creating!

  11. You have a lovely room. The little sewing machines are cute and I love the large pincushion your friend made for you.
    Thank you for the nose around your room.

  12. Wauw...what a lovely space...
    full with lovely decoration..
    Your sewing machines are so
    nostalic and sweet..

    Thanks for sharing...

    Love from Marijke

  13. You have such a lovely studio! I'm so glad you shared with everyone again this year!! There were so many things in there I would love to have too!!! I'm sure you love to spend time in there!! Have fun at the party my friend!!

  14. Great space and all those pretty buttons!
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love your different choices of containers to hold your treasures.
    I also love your collection of vintage clocks.
    Love your studio, thanks for sharing.

  16. You've got a wonderful space! It must be a pleasure to go in and create things. Thanks for sharing your tour!

  17. I love your room and how you have it decortated......the piano adds a lot of creative energy to the room......very nice!

  18. Oh Elena, your new header and your beautiful little studio is wonderful! I am so happy to have had a tour! Have a great week my friend!

  19. This is a very lovely place to work in. Adding piano music as well.
    Eva Agnes

  20. I had to come back after you left a comment on my post- I think you are so right about a genetic chip. Actually our Father was the supreme Creator and He made us in His image so it's gotta be genetic!!!

    Loved coming again for another visit- Just saw the darling sewing machine sign - so much to see!

    bee blessed

  21. Such pretties to create with! I love the little bird string holder, so cute. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Your space is beautiful! It would be so much fun to spend time in your space to soak up some inspiration! Thank you for sharing with us. I am now a follower and will definitely be back to visit.


  23. Had to come back and tell you thanks for the tip on the syrup! Sounds delish. I'm OFF of that diet coke for good. NO MORE for me! I don't need to lose weight any longer...not since dropping 40lbs last year on Weight Watchers. I felt fabulous then and now without this ADDICTION I feel even better!

    Still loving your space!


  24. You have a lot of treasure in this sewing room! So pretty!

  25. Love the lace, especially the trim your mom made! And the clocks! Too fun!
    If you swing by my blog you'll see that I have a "Thing" for Doll heads!!

    Thanks for Sharing!


  26. Love it all, especially your large work surface. The buttons are so whimsical and cheery to me. You've inspired me to add some to my table. Don't you just love this creative party?
    Thank you for sharing.
    Much love,

  27. I just love your creative space and all your special treasures. Everything is perfect and so inpsiring. You have given me some great ideas too. You are so blessed to have a large work table. Of course I love the lace too. Nothing better then crocheted lace. Buttons are so special and I love the way your display yours too.
    Love your new blog look and header. Thanks for sharing your creative space. It was a fun WBC party this year once again.
    XO Celestina Marie

  28. Buttons and trinkets and treasures Oh my! Love your space. I love lace also and can't get enough lol! So glad I came to peek in your studio. Thanks for sharing.

    ❤ ஆєℓєηα
    ɱεɱσŗγ ɓσх ƈŗεąŧïσŋş

  29. So many beautiful vignettes here Ellena like the Avon cut glass containers for buttons and I love that crocheted lace trim made by your mother as well as all your gorgeous collectables on display in your large room and large work table - fantastic.
    A wonderful tour! I have been so inspired by this WBC party and am so glad I entered my
    creative space like you!
    Thanks for sharing!

  30. I love your vintage 1800's buttons that is what makes my heart go pitter patter besides vintage cotton lace

  31. Oh what fun vintage goodies you have! That pin cushion is fabulous and to have a mom as talented with crocheting! Wow simply stunning work she does-

  32. Wow, I love your space! You have so many wonderful collections! I especially love your antique buttons. Thank you for sharing!


  33. Such a beautiful space. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I am a new follower and found your blog through the WBC!! I also love your new look. Your banner is beautiful and I love your post divider.

    Happy Creating!!

  34. I adore your space and the way you have managed to have so many of your lovely things out in plain sight. It makes the whole room feel homey and cozy. Do you have the Walton's on Dvd or is it on tv again, I miss that show! I am now following your blog because I cannot wait to see what you create next!

  35. What a wonderful space you have! I am admiring your vintage button collection!I just inherited some myself and just love them!

  36. Great sewing/quilting space.
    That is a great way to store the fabrics also keeps the dust of them. I really like the old clocks and the vintage & antique buttons.

    Thank you for a nice tour.

  37. You have a spacious studio! It's neatly organized and cozy. Thank you for the tour.

  38. You have a sweet space.There is so much to look at.