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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Icy and cold on The Darling's winter!

Here's my dear hubby holding the water from the bird bath.
Did you happen to notice it's frozen? LOL
The amazing thing is that this photos were taken today at 1pm.
It's been extra cold here the last week.
It does not snow where I live in Australia,
so when we get massive frost events like this it's a novelty.
Don't get me wrong it's regularly below zero early in the morning in wintertime, and is cold all day, sometimes bitterly so,
but to have such thick ice is rare.

This photo is looking over my neighbour's yard towards the creek at the back. You can see the sun is just starting to rise and there is a mist coming off the creek below. All the white stuff on the ground is ice!
The peg bucket hangs on the clothesline, about 6 feet off the ground and was covered in ice.
My wheelbarrow of pansies, all iced up.
Poor little lone pansy...if you look at my post a couple of days ago you'll see this same little pansy looking much more healthy.
I got out of bed before sun-up so I could get plenty of frosty photos.
I donned 2 prs of long pants, 7 layers on torso, one layer being a double lined jacket with hood, 2 prs of socks, a pr of boots and I was pretty right, except I felt like the michelin man...LOL
I let the cats out of the shed (we lock them up at night, in their own 5 star cat motel) and they were determined to help me film my frosty photos but could not understand why they were so cold.
Here you see Edie looking hesitant and suspicious, thinking some intruder must surely be causing her discomfort on this -5 c morning. 


  1. Great photos; what a pretty cat! You are soooo cold and we are soooo hot! Hope you have a nice day.

  2. I just looked at my thermometer, and it's 104 degrees here in the states in Illinois. Keep warm!

  3. Oh my...and we've been having lots of 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank you for your sweet comments on my Colorado wildfire post. I'm happy to report 90% containment as of this morning, hoping for 100% by tomorrow. Praise the Lord and those awesome firefighters! BTW, LOVE your new header.