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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Looking for our country home...the search continues.

Even though this 100 acre farm is out in the middle of nowhere,
it is almost right next to another farm house,
so it's still like being in suburbia (in that respect).
The original owner gave some land to his son & the son built a house only a stone's throw from the house on the farm we like.
Slightly, no really annoying!
You can see the son's house on the left & the roof of the house on the farm we like through the gate to the right of it.....can you believe it?
Part of the grounds surrounding the farmhouse.
This cute as little structure is the cream shed.
This farm was formerly a dairy farm.
The farmhouse doesn't look much but inside it's WOW!
No-one currently lives in the house and it's been vacant for years.
It's in pretty much original condition
great to make our own.
The rooms are huge and there are four bedrooms, large kitchen and dining room, 2 verandahs, a sleepout & some extra rooms.
Also this dream walk in pantry located right off the kitchen.
It's about 1.5 x 3 metres.
The entire house is very well made and still structurally sound.
Kitchen leadlight door
Kitchen looking into the dining room
In a perfect world if we did buy this farm I would like to move the house to this spot, on the top of this hill that is higher than what it looks here.
This would make the house location about 400 metres away from the other neighbouring too close house.
The peaceful road the farm is located on.
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  1. It looks so cute. I like the wood on the walls in the kitchen.

    1. We call this style of timber VJ or tongue and groove and it's pine for internal walls but sometimes (rarely) it's something special like silky oak and can remain unpainted. Sometimes a house is still found to have unpainted internal walls and it may have been built in the late 1800's. The ceilings in our old houses range from about 9 feet up to 14 feet. My last house had 10'7" ceilings. I love this house so much and just wish I had taken lots more photos.

  2. Hi! Stopping by for the first time. The font you have used is very beautiful. I like your farm too:-)

    1. Thanks for visiting Sarah. I like this font too, it took a while to find one I really liked. I think it's easy enough to read too, because I made it quite large. Thanks once again.