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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

An outing on Sunday

We visited Queens Park Garden in Toowoomba,
very old
beautiful especially on a hot summer's day.

Beautiful bed of delphiniums

Another pretty bed of summer annuals

Australian Bottle Tree

Parterre Garden

Topiary cubes in the Parterre Garden

Some beautiful classic Queenlander houses on the way home

So that was my first outing in a month.
It went quite well considering.
I could not have done it without pain killers
but I got through it
it was SO good to get out of the house
even if it was a fairly hot day.

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  1. Hi EllenaElizabeth,
    Thank you for visiting me at "Home is Where the Heart is" it's a pleasure meeting you. I am now your newest follower..I love your name "Elizabeth" hehehe we have the same name..
    What a great outing you had!
    Wishing you a very sweet day.
    Hugs, Elizabeth