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Friday, 13 January 2012

78th Birthday Card

My uncle is turning 78 on Sunday so I have made a quick card for him.
He and my aunty are driving 3 hrs to visit me and my DH.
I am still house bound and have not seen them for a few years and am really excited that they are making such an effort to see me.
I am not happy with the photos and will have to do something in the near future in order to take better photos but here it is anyhow.

We are having a cold luncheon.
 Chook (I can't bring myself to say chicken), egg salad, coleslaw, warm potato/sweet potato salad and a green salad.
Home made icecream and fruit salad for dessert
chocolate cake with cream and strawberries as a birthday cake.
Everything home made by moi....looking forward to it.
Hope I don't get a phone call to say my daughter has gone into early labour,
she is due on the 10th February.
Even though I am house bound due to pain I am biting the bullet and plan to go there in a couple of weeks to be with her for the birth.
I have asked the Dr my best options for dosing up
have to just hope and pray for the best.
It's a nearly 3 hour car trip so I'm not looking forward to it at all.


  1. I tried to post a comment on your most recent post but this comment box went POOF like it's been doing all night on other's blogs. Bah!

    Anyway...just had to tell you I love your cards. Just fabulous. You are sooo talented my friend.


  2. Such beautiful cards you create and how special to make a 78th card for him!