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Thursday, 24 November 2011


Well it's been raining all night.
It's SO welcome.
Apparently it's been the driest November since 1914.
Well not now.
I think this must be the most rain we have had in one night since the January floods this year.
The rain has brought the temperature right down as well, which again is very welcome.


The above two images were taken by me on 11th January this year.
The night before we had received about 80mm.
Not a day I would like repeated even though in the end we were not affected.
All day we thought we could have been and that was where the worry came in.
We are only new to this Darling Downs Town and seeing the creek level from our mail box was very worrying stuff.
The creek runs behind our house but is usually not visible from our house at all. The Oakey Creek has very steep banks and is a normally a slow running but low lying creek.
This is the town bridge but was taken after most of the water had subsided about 5pm in the afternoon.
For most of the day myself and other neighbours were stranded on our own personal island and had to wait for the waters to subside before we could get out and about and see what damage had been done to the rest of the township.

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