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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Potholders Galore

I'd like to share some of my
potholder collection
with you all.

My first attempt at a Folded Star, in just the right colours for my kitchen.

A retro style chook potholder for my kitchen. Mainly vintage fabrics used in this one.

I made this one out of leftover pieced bits and pieces, it was fun to make.

I love this one.
I found the pattern in a
Quilter's Newsletter Magazine
from the 1980's.

I made this one a few years ago and love the ceramic bee button.
This is a 'just for looking at' potholder.

This is 'some' of my collection.
It consists of vintage ones I have collected over the years as ones made by me.


  1. wow! What a nice collection of pot-holders. I am impressed by your pot-holders collection.

  2. What beautiful work!! I can't sew to save myself, so I always admire other people who can! :) You asked about the JustRite stamps on my blog (sorry, I can't find any other way to reply to you), they have just been released in the USA, but I'm sure they will be available here soon. :)

  3. Hi again - you should be able to get JustRite through any store that stocks Bazzill cardstock and Spellbinders - Down Under Direct is the distributor for all three products. I know Daisy Chain Scrapbooks in Nambour and Stamp and Scrapbook Madness at Morningside stock JR. Email me at inspiredtostamp at live dot com dot au if you have more questions - I don't want to fill up your blog with chatter! :)