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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

First thing I've sewn in nine months

This little
Four Owls Baby Quilt
(designed by me...EllenaElizabethMakes) 
is the 1st thing I have sewn in 9 months.

Because of back pain and then my back operation in May and then falling over backwards in July
I have not been able to sew at all......
To all who know me well this is un-heard of.
Throughout my entire life I have usually sewn most days.
So my DD who is 17 weeks pregnant and who lives 2 1/2 hrs drive away has come for a visit.
This is great news, as we do not see each other much now.
Until July 2009 she lived with us until she was married.
Anyhow she wanted me to help her make a little quilt for the baby. She is no sewer...does not enjoy it. She knew I could not do it as I am still re-couperating from my operation and subsequent fall.
Anyhow as it turned out I was able to sew the whole thing, cut out the squares with my olfa cutter etc..
All things I have not done for 9 months.
 My daughter got really sick with morning sickness and spent the last 2 days giving herself over to the vulgarity of full on morning sickness.
So I ended up making the little quilt in a surprisingly unexpected turn of events.
I am still taking Valium and very strong pain killers but got through it.
Praise the LORD!!

DD drew and cut the owls out and did sew a little tiny bit.....

However did not handle the Janome 6600P at all, it really is a cow of a thing to use...not user friendly at all and certainly not for an inexperienced sewer. So it was put away and old faithful 1475 Pfaff CD was set up and it proved to be the best option.
Not bad for a 21 yr old machine ( my Mum bought it for me in 1990).
Let me at this point give this terrific machine a postive rap!
It has never failed me. It is still modern and innovative.
It is just a stunningly designed and styled sewing machine.
I could have saved $2000 and not bothered buying the Janome 3 yrs ago, but oh well, what's done is done.

Here is DD just after I completed the little quilt resting in bed after being sick all day.
Just thought it would make a cute picture to show her little baby one day.....
I love to know the history of things that have been made for me by others and vice versa, 
and this little quilt already has quite a story to go with it.
Happy Sewing Everyone!


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  2. Hello. This quilt is so cute, I love the owls, and the fabric choices for the owls! Making things together creates such fond memories, I think.
    I am doing a creative challenge with my daughter (16) and son (14) for a month. She is writing one poem a day, he is creating one Lego design a day, and I am doing one piece of art of some kind every day. I did a fabric pencil bag the other day that makes me smile! I did put it on my blog if you have a moment to look. Blessings, Michelle

  3. Hi Michele, for some reason I have just seen this comment now. Sounds like you had a good idea there with your kids. Would love to see it, I'll head over and try and find it. I used to sew with both my kids when they were little. We had lots of fun together.