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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Vintage linen and a spring garden

A recently purchased vintage linen with exquisite crocheted edge
is sprucing up the top of my microwave.
I love my eclectic display
and my african violet is so pretty when it flowers
Outside, spring has sprung and our lavender walk is blooming!
This corner of the garden has lavender, shrubs and bearded iris' that all flower in shades of purple
Our pretty climbing pink rose is full of buds and is growing over the arch quite quickly. Hubby now says he wishes he had bought 2 so the arch would be covered quicker. I think it will be complete by the end of summer.
Gordon likes to be photographed I'm sure.
This is his sister Edie, the best mouser in the street.
You would never know they are siblings as they look nothing alike.
Gordon is better friends with our scottish terrier than his sister, as she is a bit of a loner. She does however love my husband and I, just not other animals it would seem.
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  1. Ellena,your garden is so pretty. I too love vintage lace,it just has something new doesn't.
    Gordon and Edie look so sophisticated.:)
    Thank you for visiting,I love to here from fellow Aussies. I have found so few in SA, Thank you for your nice comments. xx

  2. Looks great and your lavender is so beautiful.....Glad your feeling better too.

  3. Dearest EllenaElizabeth,

    You purchased a lovely linen with crocheted filet lace edging!
    Your felines are precious. It is funny to observe how completely different siblings can be; just like with human siblings.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Pretty display pictures! Love your kitty Gordon. What cool markings he has. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  5. I love your linen...and I love your Walking Ware eggcup. Is it Carlton Ware? If so...hold on to that! Nice to meet you. My Tinker says hi to your cats!

    1. Hi Ruth, thanks for your lovely comments. I appreciate it. The eggcup is bakelite or plastic, not sure which. I got it at an Op Shop for 50cents. My cats say hi back...LOL