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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Friend's Sharing Tea

Friend's Sharing Tea
Autumn officially
starts in Australia today...
1st March 2012
So I thought it appropriate to kick off with a cuppa in my
Royal Doulton
Brambly Hedge Autumn trio.

This setting originally had 101 pieces
or so
the old lady I bought it from told me.
The two silver teaspoons shown here belonged to my grandmother
A cup of coffee for one.
The coffee cups are a lot smaller than the tea cups.
Coffee Pot
Tea Pot & Coffee Pot
The largest milk jug of 5 in this setting
All 5 milk jugs in the set
All the milk jug covers were crocheted by my mother
Here is the entire set on my antique Queensland Hoop Pine Hutch

This is a broken Sadler Tea Pot.
She has a chip and no lid but I love her
and didn't want to leave her out of the party.
She looks good with dried lavender

This is a miniature teapot my husband bought for me 2 christmases ago
As well as this one

This poor old girl has seen better days but I can't throw her out
she is usually covered with the teacosy below
I just love this made in Japan teapot
she  does not make a good cup of tea
she usually is covered by one of my favourite teacosies below.

Another teapot that I used to love
but can no longer use
as it's cracked right through
Love the style and simplicity of this teapot

I love this little sewing teapot.
I purchased her at a cheapie shop for about $9, years ago.

This novelty giraffe tower was an engagement present in 1982

This little mouse butler is serving his tea in a formal manner.

This darling little teapot holds about 2 small cups of tea.
I also purchased this one at a cheapie shop for about $5

This teacosy cost me $27 at a recent Antique Closing Down Sale
Here she is covering the Brambly Hedge Teapot

I bought this coffee pot a couple of years ago.
It is brand new but made to look distressed.
The green with white spots milk jug was given to me by a friend and neighbour.
I absolutely love it and have seen it being sold in antique shops for around

This cute little blue teapot was given to me
my Great great Aunty Elsie who was born in 1900.
When she gave it to me along with a garnet ring in 1991 just before she passed away
she told me the teapot was 60 years old
she had purchased it new in the little Queensland township of Kingaroy
in about 1930.
So now it's around 80 years old....doesn't look it does it?
The two silver teaspoons belonged to my paternal grandmother
This little teacosy is usually displayed over the above vintage teapot
I made it a few years ago

I also LOVE this vintage country kitchen teacosy
given to me by a friend who knows what I like
we have similar taste

this utility aluminium teapot.
It is about 12 cup capacity
bakelite handle
The thermometer shows how hot it was today...about 30c or 86F in the house.
The thermometer belonged to my grandparents.
Everytime I look at it I think of them

This ugly but now retro teapot
was given to DH and I
our Engagement Party
in 1982.
I didn't like it even then
but it does make a good cup of tea
I do like the shape of it
now that it's old enough to be retro/vintage
I have come to like appreciate it...

This is a funny photo to me
I am a tidy 'nut'
this is the aftermath
of my
teapot photoshoot
 this afternoon.
When my DH walked in the door he was shocked to see such disarray...
I said 'I've had enough of this place and I'm packing up'....
He knew I was only joking of course.
He laughed when I told him I'd been doing a teapot photoshoot for the last 3 hours
........(crazy women)!............
I had fun anyhow, even if I am in really bad pain now because of it.
My back just won't quit hurting.
Oh well such is life.
I have put most of it away and have decided that I will use this disruption as an excuse to wash and press all the doileys and milk jug covers, it must be about 12 months since I did that...I usually just take them ouside and shake the dust out of them.

Here's one last photo to end with.
Don't want to leave you all too shocked after the mess of the previous 2 photos....LOL
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Friend's Sharing Tea
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  1. Wow - I am so impressed with all your many teapots and tea things. You have quite the collection and I love it all! Thank you so much for linking up all the way from Australia!

  2. Greetings,
    You have a beautiful collection of teapots. I love your Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge set. Thanks for stopping by Magnolia Cottage. I am your newest follower...hope you will follow back.


  3. Thanks for the compliments ladies. Lisa I have become your latest follower...Look forward to reading your blog in the future.

  4. Fun and lovely collection.No my Dear, I don't delete My followers.These computers are strange little creatures at times with glitches that make no sense to Me.I'll check My list too.Denise

  5. You still show up on My list of blogs I follow ? I enjoy visiting you and will be back soon :)

  6. I still see your blog on My list of blogs I follow?I enjoy visiting you and will be back soon:)

  7. oh wow, look at these amazing treasures! I loved having you linked up this week, thank you!

  8. What a fun post! Love the tea cozy and the dishes in your hutch. Thanks for visiting my blog. I tried to follow you but the gadget wasn't working. Typical Blogger. I'll be back and try again!

  9. What a wonderful collection of teapots you have! I also collect them, but I haven't bought one in awhile-I need to fix that! I especially love the sewing teapot. How fun to combine two interests.