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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Chatting to neighbours

Well I set off for my walk this morning and 1 hr later arrived home. I spent 45 mins talking to a neighbour so will try walking again this arvo so I can my miles up. It's always pleasant talking to a neighbour especially when new to a town. This particular fellow has lived in this same street his whole life so has plenty of interesting tales to tell.
 He was good to have around this January 2011 when record floods hit the area. Even though he has been here for over 50 yrs he was somewhat worried about the flooding, as at a certain point in the day the flood waters surpassed 1974 levels which until that day had been the yard stick all other local floods had been jusdged by. Anyhow even though we were very worried and had packed over night bags a small group of us (about 7 houses) were not in-undated. However some houses just down the road from us and across on the other side of the creek were and some are still awaiting completion of repairs, some 6 months later.

On the morning of 10th January 2011 the creek could be clearly seen from this point outside my house. The creek is normally a fairly innocuous waterway. It is set down low between 2 very deep banks either side. In essence, the sight of a raging torrent of water from this view was very scary and something I wish to never experience again. As I said we were spared any damage, unlike so many who did, not to mention the tragic loss of life. This period of Queensland history is something that we hope will never be repeated.

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