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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

-7 celcius this morning.

Well it was very cold today. The temp in the house stayed at 6-7c all day so I turned the heating on for an hr in the middle of the day. It was so cold that I didn't even take my scotty's coat off. Some of the frost tolerant plants are starting to suffer now as we have had 6 frosts in a row now.
 Walking this afternoon for 30 mins did not even raise a bead of perspiration and I was wearing 5 layers and a scarf. (Had quite a bit of pain today so the walk was very welcome. I have to wait 'til DH comes home from work to put my lace-ups on for me but I could have gone for a walk much earlier just for some relief).
Exciting times for me as I have always lived in the sub tropics. Don't get me wrong it can get very cold in Ipswich down to -3c for eg but the daytime temps would usually reach 20c or so. Anyhow it won't be long and everyone will be whinging about the hot weather.....YUK!
I'll take the cold thanks. Just have to remember to warm our coffee cups in this wintery environment as we have already lost 3 due to the sudden shock.
Here is a photo of the last of my geraniums and zinnias before winter took hold. The lavender does well here all year, actually it does extra well in the winter.

 Also I am posting 2 photos of a recent hail storm. Our plants were not too badly damaged so it was all good.
One of my favourite shows is about to start. It's called Winners and Losers and is only new this year on Channel 7, Australia. Australia's Got Talent is just finishing and I am eagerly awaiting the performance of Jack Vidgen, a 14 yr old who sings like an angel.
His singing always makes me cry. His last 2 performances have been Whitney Houston songs so I wonder what he has in store for us tonight? Well I don't know the song he just sang and it did not make me emotional but still great.

Don't forget Where Bloggers Create 2011, get your photos ready to post on 14th July. I can't wait to see everyone's creative spaces!!!


  1. Hi EllenaElizabeth,
    So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by and your new following. I am a new follower to your lovely blog now as well.
    I wish I could send you a little warmth from Texas. We have had 12 straight days of over 100 degrees. It is dangerously HOT and my poor flowers are trying to hang on with my constant watering. Oh boy the water bill!! Not looking forward to it~~~

    Your pics are lovely and the hail storm looks so familiar as we had that a couple months ago.
    Have a wonderful day and blessings always.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  2. Forgot to say, Happy Birthday to you. I hope it was special on Monday.
    XO Celestina Marie