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Monday, 4 July 2011

Bemoaning the lack of a good coffee shop.

I had a lot of fun taking part in 'the hop' courtesy of Our Daily Bread Designs Blog. I was not fortunate enough to win one of the prizes on offer, oh well maybe another time.
I have never been on 'a hop' before so it was great to find new blogs that are inspirational and just so beautiful to look at.
Well it's the 4th of July. To anyone in the USA that means Independence Day and to me it means 2 years since my daughter's wedding. What a an EXTRA busy time that was. I am so grateful to GOD for the grace of being able to do what was required then, as less than a year later I would have been physically unable. I have high hopes that the TLIF will be a successful and am thankful that I was steered in the direction of the neurosurgeon who performed it. He is a lovely man. Approachable and capable even though I would estimate him to be 20 or so yrs younger than me. I still wonder why I have ended up in this little town that to me is not inspirational or overly friendly. It is not artistically stimulating and I yearn to live in a place that would be all that to me. If the TLIF 'works' then we will be heading off to such an area, hopefully north of Toowoomba. I have lived here for nearly 2 yrs now and it is still like a foreign land. I can contribute that mostly I guess to the fact that I am all but house bound due to my physical constraints. However going by the times I have gone out and about a little bit I am constantly looking for something to fulfill my need for a sense of place. There is not even one coffee shop that I mean a charming one that makes good coffee, has pleasant ambience etc etc. Just because an establishment has a coffee machine sitting on their bench does not a 'coffee shop' make. The butterfly card is for my SIL.

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