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Friday, 30 March 2012

Picasa problems

Hi all
Is anyone having trouble sending photos direct from their mobile phone to their on-line Picasa gallery?
Until about 3 weeks ago all was fine and then all my upload attempts since then have failed.
To my knowledge I have not changed any settings on my mobile phone.
Any help would be appreciated.

UPDATE 30th March 2012
Searched through Google/Picasa
and found this info for anyone having same issues as me,
it's good to know it's not us,
it's them.
Hope they can fix it soon.
Here as follows is what they have to say on the matter....
"(Server rejected) Retry" error message on uploadsReported 30, March
Several users report (Server rejected) Retry error messages on uploads from Picasa Web with specific .JPEG and .JPG files, and we're currently investigating

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